Monday, June 13, 2011

Remember, Remember

The Cubs are the best example but I've supported a lot of teams empathetic to this plight.  I watched a lot of Cubs games growing up.  Usually around June I could spot a few signs in the bleacher seats that all were some variation of "Wait Til Next Year."  In a good year the signs wouldn't emerge until after the Summer Classic and in poor years we might even see the signs in May.  With over 100 years between World Series titles I'm sure there are some sarcastic signs that find their way into the stadium on Opening Day.

Having endured such seasons makes it all the more important to remember and appreciate the winning years. 

Under the leadership of Coach Rose, BYU basketball has built a winning tradition but this year had a little something extra.  I think it was the combination of fairy-tale heroism from Jimmer, the sudden rush of national attention justifying an attention-starved fanbase, and the late climax that appeared tragic when the ladder got knocked out from underneath us with the reports regarding Brother Davies. 

You weren't paying attention this year if you still believe the common phrase that there are no moral victories.  BYU enjoyed moral victories on multiple levels and the season ended with heads held high rather than confidence beaten down.

And so with the NBA Finals behind us and the draft about to remind us, let's take a minute (or 13) to remember.

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