Friday, June 10, 2011

Paging MC

Anyone seen Mark Cuban lately?  He is due on stage soon if things go according to plan.

Out of sight out of mind, I guess.  I hadn't thought about him so far during the NBA Finals until last night as I watched Lebron lose the biggest game of his life (his words, not mine).

I'm not your typical fan.  I enjoy sports playoffs more in the early rounds than toward the championship because more often than not my team isn't one of the final 2 or 4 teams and there aren't as many underdogs (likable teams) around.

So this year is a little different because I kind of like the Mavs even if I thought the most intriguing Final would pit the Bulls against the Thunder.  We'll never know if I'm all talk or not but I think I would have watched all of that series.

Anyway, I started to reminisce some of my favorite NBA playoff memories and the Mavs come to mind a lot.  I enjoyed their battles with Pheonix back in the day and I was disappointed they couldn't disappoint Shaq when the Heat beat them in the Finals a few years ago.

The more I thought about the Mavs the more my memory was filled with the distraction that is Mark Cuban.

But I can't think of one time in the 2011 playoffs that I've seen him on the bench or on the court or in the media, which is a bit out of character so I'm assuming it is by design.  Seems to be working.  I wonder if all that pent up MC is going to pop on Sunday or Tuesday if the Mavs get this done.

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