Monday, June 13, 2011

The Bruins are up 4-0

You'll recognize that post subject if you watched the New Hampshire GOP debate tonight on CNN. Contrary to what my siblings might think, sports is not the only way I spend my time and attention.

They say the higher you are the farther you fall. The world is about as complicated as ever and all the advances in wealth, knowledge, and technology only seem to add to the complication and danger.

I was impressed with a few of the candidates tonight. Most had at least one good comment. Julie had a point that it is a shame that the advent of modern communication almost certainly guarantees that we will never again have a shy, frail, or ineloquent president no matter how good his ideas. As a wise man once said - It is what it is.

There are certainly some serious parts to life and some serious decisions for which to plan. And that is part of why I love sports, games, recreation, and fun. To all things there is a season - and if you like enough sports the seasons overlap into a perma-season;)

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