Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Move Over, Babe

So Babe Ruth called his shot on a home run but people hit home runs all the time. Try calling your shot on a triple play! Word out of Zobrist after the game is that the Rays met at the mound during a timeout with the bases loaded, down by a run, and nobody out. Zobrist says that Evan looked at him and told him if the ball was hit right to him he was going to go for the triple play and sure enough magic happens. Wow! I had never seen a triple play live before. I probably won't ever again.

Speaking of magic - the magic number is now 2 for Boston, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and St. Louis. I liked the roster for Atlanta before the season started and decided they would be my adopted team this year if the Rays fell out quickly. Now I'm cheering St. Louis as I relate with their comeback story.

I was jumping so high that I nearly fell over the rail from the first row of the second level last night when Joyce cleared the fence in the 7th. I'm hoping my voice gets back to normal today. I've heard a lot about this movie Moneyball that came out recently. I think I'm watching it play out in real life and it couldn't have been scripted any better.

Lets Go Rays!

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