Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hearing Footsteps

So football has the possibility for some violent collisions when receivers run across the field while looking back for the ball. They can't see the defender charging them at opposite, full speed but they can sometimes anticipate the impact if they hear the footsteps. The phrase "hear the footsteps" has become a catchphrase to imply fear. If a receiver drops a pass or slows down a route they often accuse him of hearing the footsteps.

Well, the Red Sox hear the footsteps of the Rays. David Ortiz said yesterday that it is time to panic in Boston. It wasn't unsolicited but it was an admission.

Those same Rays who give us so many walkoffs late in games just started the ninth inning of their season (if you break the season into nine 18-game stretches). We are catching up quickly and gaining confidence and momentum as we roll. This is our time. Be afraid, Boston. Be very afraid.

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