Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lesson learned: never turn off the Rays

Monday night the Rays had a nice come-from-behind and walkoff homerun. Tuesday I got to go to the game and the Rays basically won it in the first inning and James Shields pitched all nine innings without surrendering a run.

Last night the Rays had chances to tie the game multiple times and couldn't quite get there. I'll admit I lost hope after the Rays gave up three runs in the top of the ninth to go down 7-3. I switched channels to check on the US-Mexico soccer match and saw the ESPN ticker scroll across the screen that the Rays score was updated to 7-5 with one out. I switched back and it was already 7-6 with a pinch runner on first. Upton struck out and it looked like too little too late until Sam Fuld.

Sparkplug Sam shot a triple to right-centerfield. I guess you can't call it a walk off because he did no walking around the bases but it was the last play of the game. Johnson scored from first to tie the game and the relay throw skipped by third base as Fuld made his head-first slide. Ninety feet later he made another head-first slide to end the game as he scored on the overthrow error. Rays win again!!!!

Never give up on the Rays. They never give up.

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