Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There have been a few sports-related tweets recently that I wanted to pass on. Some are witty, some are sarcastic, most are concisely accurate of my opinion as well. I think I'll just keep this as a running post and add to it.


Jimmer Fredette: "Practice today with the byu guys to get them ready to go overseas. #greecetrip"


Did you see the Pirates lose to the Braves in 19 innings on this blown call a week or two ago?

In response, @nvasconcelos threw this tweet out there: "I'm just glad the human element of umpiring is preserved. That's the important thing."


Another good one by Dale Murphy recently: "So great to see the #redsox on #espn again...I think it's been atleast...what? One day since they were on last?"


I almost did a post about Tiger and Steve but I'm fasting from Tiger for a while so I'll just retweet this little gem from @GenoEspn: "Tiger/Stevie catfight was a sight to behold. Now it's time for everyone to move on--out of respect for Ad Scott." Ain't it the truth.

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