Thursday, July 14, 2011

You're all quite short

The subject line is another movie quote but it is just what I thought when I caught a glimpse of the Japan team at the Women's World Cup (WWC). I hit up Google and tried to find the heights of the starting lineup. The only thing I could find was an article that claimed the average height of their team is 5'4" so there you go.

I'm enough of a patriot that I've watched a little more than just highlights the last few weeks but I decided it wouldn't be worth a blog post until the gold was within reach. Here we are. Great match yesterday. The US certainly played better against Brazil but it was still good enough to win yesterday and at least the officiating seemed fair.

I'm excited for the WWC Final even though it is on Sunday so I won't be watching. I think it has the potential to be a very exciting match-up. It's no secret that in any sport I like an "undersized" team that wins with grit, precision, and determination rather than just trying to overpower the opponent. That is Japan and it is a fun brand of soccer to watch.


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