Friday, July 1, 2011

Move over Vlade Divac

It's about time I do a Jimmer post!

So I've never really sat down and done a formal list but I've always kind of compartmentalized teams into three categories in my head: teams I like, teams I don't care about, and teams I dislike.

Here are some examples. I like the Rays, Cubs, BYU Cougars. I'm neutral on the Royals, the Washington Capitals, the Denver Broncos. I dislike the Nuggets, the Yankees, the Cowboys.

Up until the evening of June 23, 2011 the Sacramento Kings were on the margin between teams I dislike and teams I don't care about. They switched margins during the first round of the NBA draft.

I tried to think of a Kings player I've enjoyed watching in the past and I came up with Vlade Divac. He drove me kind of nuts but in the same way I enjoyed watching Dennis Rodman play basketball, I enjoyed watching Vlade play basketball. He knew how to do it.

And now without ever playing a single minute for the Kings I have a new favorite Kings player of all-time: Jimmer. I'm curious if I become a full Kings fan or just a Jimmer fan but assuming he gets some good playing time I think I'll actually become a Kings fan.

All I know is that I'll be at the game when the Magic host the Kings next season as long as it isn't on a Sunday. Never say never. Never say always. But I'm pretty sure.

I know it is just sports. But this is a sports blog. And as far as sports go, Go Jimmer!!!!

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